'Which conditions must be met for us to perceive something as really existing? What is really happening when something happens?' Zizek, S. (2014) Event: Philosophy in Transit


Sophia Sample is an artist based in Salisbury (UK).

Her work focuses on the parallel realities of time and event, both past and present; as lived and experienced, and as developed narrative. Taking inspiration from the places and moments in which we begin to grasp the intangibility and enormity of time; stood before ancient monuments, within religious buildings, before border walls. The paintings, in which the line between representation and reality is finely balanced, reimagine the stone, plaster and paint from these spaces of contemplation and separation. 


Using the image of the wall or physical barrier as a symbol of the metaphysical barrier between the cultural and personal meaning of historic event, the human is reintroduced into grand historical narrative through incidental marks; the Ancient Egyptian ostraca discarded in the entrances of meticulously crafted tombs, the medieval marginalia found in the holy books inscribed by monks, the masons marks found deep within great architectural masterpieces. These marks, often made by the same hands that crafted celebrated works of art, are prescribed lower cultural value, yet give us the feeling of a more direct link to time past and of time lived. 


MA Fine Art

Bath School of Art and Design, 2013-2014

BA Creative Arts

Bath School of Art and Design, 2009-2012